Our Talent 

YoungBoards is a platform for young talent with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds sharing a mutual interest in propelling solutions forward and contributing to businesses and organizational development.   

Who we are

YoungBoards was founded in 2021 and has evolved rapidly. We are a strong team bound together by our passion for innovation and discussions. 

We consist of a diverse team from all over Denmark, and we strive to expand it even further.


Philip Søholt
CEO & Founder @ YoungBoards / Innovative technology implementer

Philip Søholt is a student at N. Zahles Gymnasium. Additionally, he has studied in the US for a year and is now working as an IT & Operations Assistant in the Gehl Operations Team. In 2021, he decided to found YoungBoards, with the purpose to involve the next generations in worldwide decision- and idea-making. Philip loves science and technological solutions, with a special interest in Smart City development and the general implementation of tech in the everyday life. He also loves music and has been thoroughly involved in a number of chorus festivals both in the US and Denmark. Philip has a talent for finding innovative solutions to different problems and obstacles and is thereby a good asset in discovering new aspects of future development.

Business & Economics

Saloni Khanna
Communicator and problem solver

Saloni Khanna is a 27-year-old M. Sc Economics student at the University of Copenhagen (2020-2022) with a focus on the consumer, business, and digital economics. Prior to this, she has the experience of working in research/advisory in areas of strategy, consumer technology, and data analytics along with people management at a non-profit organization. She is a natural problem solver, and passionate about her work. Her key skills include market analysis, competitor scan methods, digital product development, and visualization using data analysis tools.

Jaspreet Kaur
International business development enthusiast

Jaspreet Kaur is 26 years old Master's student at Aarhus University in Innovation Management and Business Development.  Her main skills are the process of innovation, starting at the identification of new ideas, product/service or opportunities that create future growth and value for new and existing businesses. She has another two master's degrees, one MSc degree is from Aalborg University in International Business and another Master's specialisation in Commerce. She has experience in process of the internationalization of companies, including challenges in the development of an international business strategy and the management of international business activities and functions.

Sanja Kulic
Innovation developer

Sanja Kulic is finalising her degree at Copenhagen Business School, in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Sanja has had a very diverse background in education and work experience. The main focus of her experience involves Entrepreneurial processes and innovation Management. She has extensive work experience in Banking and Fintech and a well-rounded understanding of global health, economics and political landscapes. Her key skills include Design Thinking, Customer Experience excellence and Innovative Business Models.



Adelina Burlacu
Sustainability strategist

Adelina Burlacu is a 23 year-old master student at Copenhagen Business School in International Business and Politics. With a minor in "ESG: metrics, reporting and sustainable investments" and a background in business administration, her profile sits at the intersection between business and sustainability. She has experience in digital product development, business consulting and project management. She possess knowledge of various non-financial reporting frameworks, as well as carbon accounting and impact assessments. Adelina enjoys thorough data collection and analysis, with key skills in areas such as strategic planning, market analysis and business development. 

Alejandra Lafuente
Sustainable energy enthusiast

Alejandra Lafuente, is a 24 years old master student at DTU, Copenhagen in Sustainable Energy (2020-2022) with a focus on energy economics, markets and policies as well as modelling and analysis of sustainable energy systems using operations research. Prior to this, she worked in Spain in fields related to renewable and conventional energy, energy efficiency and efficient consumption management. Her main interest is the application of her knowledge into sustainable technologies and systems. In addition, due to the different experiences that she has had in volunteering abroad, she has acquired strong spirit and leadership skills. 

Petros Katakis-Anastasakos
Sustainability warrior

Petros Katakis-Anastasakos, is a 25 years old political scientist with a flair for data analysis and research and a passion for sustainability strategy development and implementation, purpose-driven enterprises and social entrepreneurship/innovation. He holds a BSc in “International Political Economy” from King’s College London and a MSc in “International Business and Politics” from CBS. Petros is a sworn sustainability warrior, with extensive knowledge and deep understanding over dominant sustainability trends and practices, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of most common sustainability performance evaluation metrics and tools. This allows him to critically navigate through the pool of available market solutions and make contexualised, well-informed judgements as to which are best-fit for a specific client’s industry and capabilities.

Elena Mugnos
International sustainable business developer

Elena Mugnos, 24, holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business in Asia and is currently pursuing the MSc in Business and Development Studies and the double degree CEMS Master in International Management at Copenhagen Business School and FGV São Paulo. She has been working and studying in different countries (Italy, Germany, Taiwan, China, Germany, Singapore, Brazil, Denmark), allowing her to develop a great understanding of the cultural and business challenges posed by the international business interactions. Her studies focus on sustainability, CSR and governance, as well as finance. She understands the importance of sustainability to achieve superior financial gains. She has experience in business intelligence and business development from tech companies and leadership positions within student organizations.

Giorgos Kalyviotis
Sustainable technology implementer

Giorgos Kalyviotis has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Sustainable energy from DTU. Currently he is working as an R&D Engineer and he has project management, and Electrical Engineering experience. When it comes to projects he is experienced in all the stages from bid submission to commission, and leading them from A to Z. His composite background has given him a well-rounded toolbox, containing management and technical skills, and equipped him with experience of leading teams to deliver great results. What brought him to Denmark is the dream where he gets to drive the development of sustainable energy technologies. His ability to rapidly adapt and understand new environments, brings him to the position of providing value within a short time frame. Characterized by team spirit, curiosity, creativity and most importantly, passion for sustainability!


Future Tech

Vittorio Nocera
Innovation and sustainable energy enthusiast

Vittorio Nocera is an innovation enthusiast with a business background and passion for renewable energy and startups. He has been a part of the Danish startup ecosystem in multiple startups but also founded two himself, through which he developed experience in diverse functions such as marketing, product development, project management and procurement. He is interested in any new technology that can help drive the transition towards a more sustainable future. Lastly, he has spent most of his life travelling and he, therefore, has a strong international background and multicultural understanding of the world.

Rasmus Hauschild
AR specialist

Rasmus Hauschild is a 20-year-old entrepreneur with a strong passion for strategic vision and experience in industrial design, software development, UX, and marketing. He has been involved with multiple hard-tech projects and has experience working alongside and leading teams of competent people. He is currently working on a new startup revolving around next-gen augmented reality technology, following his passion for building technology that inspires and empowers people in meaningful ways.

Creative Culture

Amalie Linnet
Fashion industry expert

Amalie Linnet is an 24 year old student at the international Master’s programme Applied Cultural Analysis at the University of Copenhagen. Additionally, she holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology likewise from the UCPH and has 3+ years of project management experience within the fashion industry. She possesses a deep understanding of human behaviour, consumer research and sustainability, and has worked on various projects about user experiences of public spaces.

Carl Alexander Bjurner
Music lover

 Carl Bjurner is an 18 year old student at Sankt Annæ Gymnasium. Being involved in musical activities since a young age, such as choirs and operas, has enabled him to pursue music. Today he possesses an excessive experience in music production, rendering him knowledgeable in the industry. Furthermore he has 3+ years of customer service experience within the retail industry.

Bushra Malik
Social and Cultural Anthropologist

Bushra Malik, 29, graduated from University of Oxford with an MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology in 2019. She has worked as an Organizational Development Manager in the education sector of Pakistan for about 2 years, leading several qualitative research projects, focus groups and impact assessment surveys. She is observant, detail oriented and values cultural sensitivity and openness as a key to success in the consumer-centered world.

Simone Immerkær
Cultural environment specialist

Simone Immerkær, 26, graduated from University of Southern Denmark with a BSc in Market and Management Anthropology in 2017. She has been working in both the educational and governmental health sector in Thailand and New Zealand for 3 years. She has working experience with customer service and project administration as well as process optimization. She is a globally conscious and socially responsible professional, who has an extensive understanding of cross-cultural consumer markets.

Nadja Nielsen
Consumer culture and behavior specialist

Nadja Nielsen, 24, is a student at University of Southern Denmark currently engaged in a bachelor’s degree in Market & Management Anthropology. She has great knowledge within the area of anthropology, business and economics, and political science and law which provides her with a broad business and cultural understanding of markets. She possesses high cultural awareness with a special interest in market research, human behavior, and consumption practices. Additionally, she has been involved in various consumer culture research projects globally, as well as locally.

Alessandra Lanfredi
Asian culture and business expert

Alessandra Lanfredi is a student at Copenhagen Business School majoring in International Business in Asia with an emphasis on Chinese language and culture. She has over 8 years' professional background in sales, combined with experience working in international teams in four different countries (Italy, Ireland, Japan, Denmark), so she is well aware of the needs of consumers and professionals around the globe. Moreover, she is able to forecast obstacles that companies may face when doing business overseas. Other than Asian cultures and traveling, she is most passionate about business digitalization, e-commerce marketing, and runs her own online store in the coffee niche.

Silas Lo
Bridge between music and natural sciences

Silas Lo is 20 years old and studying at Sankt Annæ Gymnasium. Studying music for more than half of his life, he has for 10+ years cultivated a still ongoing love for the art, in all of its forms, which is heavily reflected in his hobbies, school and interests. Besides simply playing music, Silas has recently started creating his own music and has amassed both knowledge and practical know-how about playing, performing, writing, and producing music. Besides music, Silas is also studying mathematics, chemistry and physics, and has a deeply rooted interest in natural sciences and especially maths as well as its applications in various sciences. 

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