We supply businesses with the ability to apply youth to their organisation on demand


A YoungBoard consists of a diverse and young board of people carefully tailored to your company’s needs and interests. Every board is made specifically for your company to make sure that we supply you with the best people to fit your challenges. We have four thematic groups that let you implement a subject-related board consisting of people who have know-how of the specific field. You might also consider establishing a mixed board consisting of diverse people from across our four areas of disciplines and sectors.
YoungBoards can be integrated as part of the annual governance cycle in the company and work alongside the Board of Directors, or YoungBoards can run in separate programs or lines of the organization. Youngboards can be integrated on a more continuous basis or as stand-alone sessions, but in any case, an onboarding or preparatory meeting is recommended as a minimum as part of the planning setup. We also recommend an evaluating and closing meeting as part of the normal process when working with and applying Youth.

Product Development

YoungBoards can be implemented in your product development phase to integrate input from young people. We have the ability to supply you with a diverse and international advisory team, who will help you create the ultimate product through their different skills and points of view. When having finished the first couple of stages in product development and having a minimum viable product, it can be a good idea to test your product and apply youth to ensure usability. Youngboards can help you test products targeted at the age group 18-30.


Creating a panel consisting of a diverse group of young innovative and experienced people as part of an event, a conference, or convening can add energy, inspiration, and future orientation. To find the right-minded young people on the other hand can be both hard and time-consuming when as organizers you are focused on the professional content and practicalities. Therefore we provide you with the panel without all the administrative hassle. Let us know what the topic of the event might be, and we will craft the YoungPanel to support your idea generation and discussions.
We are happy to prepare input ahead of time as needed or summarize input provided as a follow-up upon agreement.

Focus Group

Rather than setting up a YoungBoard, you might find it useful to apply youth in a focused way or specific line of your business. We engage in focus group work and are happy to join workshops, walkshops, and talkshops. This could relate to all our four topic areas or general company topics such as talent recruitment and retainment programs, gender equality, social responsibility, professional education, technology implementation, or the like.
Focus groups can be set up for a short or longer period of time to work deeper with only one of the above topics or to address multiple challenges over a longer period of time.

At YoungBoards, we are fully committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and especially goals 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 17. We strive to help develop the businesses we support, towards a more equal, clean, innovative, sustainable, and responsible future, that supports both people and businesses. Innovative solutions are key to unlocking this sustainable future, and we believe that fresh young minds are crucial in the process.

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