Petros, is a 25 years old political scientist with a flair for data analysis and research and a passion for sustainability strategy development and implementation, purpose-driven enterprises and social entrepreneurship/innovation. He holds a BSc in “International Political Economy” (2014-2017) from King’s College London and a MSc in “International Business and Politics” (2018-2020) from Copenhagen Business School. His interdisciplinary education combined with 2+ years of professional experience in Market Research and Strategy Consulting, have equipped him with a unique ability to analyse, interpret and critically synthesise data to help companies navigate through complex market and social phenomena. Having been involved with sociopolitical research and fieldwork as well as lived and worked in three different large and diverse European capitals, he has developed an international, empathetic mind-set and strong interpersonal and communication skills, that help him build and cultivate productive, collaborative relationships with project stakeholders based on mutual trust and respect. Petros is a sworn sustainability warrior, with extensive knowledge and deep understanding over dominant sustainability trends and practices, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of most common sustainability performance evaluation metrics and tools. This allows him to critically navigate through the pool of available market solutions and make contexualised, well-informed judgements as to which are best-fit for a specific client’s industry and capabilities. He has worked with big industry players as well as start-ups, public and non-profit organisations.


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