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One of the most important things when creating an advisory board to support your business is to set a strong team consisting of people different from yourself. This is not only a matter of background but also age. Diversity in age is a key strength in understanding both the consumer segment and the workplace you are creating. 
Living in a world where resources are being exploited, we need to focus on the resources of which we have plenty. Until now, young people have been an untapped resource when developing companies, products and services. YoungBoards is advancing in the field of youth engagement, and strive to support businesses in the implementation of young innovation boards, advisory boards and focus groups.


Custom teams

We construct teams to advise with anything from culture and sustainability to business strategy and future technologies

Our services

Together we determine your needs, and use them to assemble the best team possible. The team can be used as an occasional innovation forum, but can also be implemented as an ongoing source of input from young people.

We are based in Denmark, but consist of people from all over the world. We also offer online sessions with tailored YoungBoards.

Our services include

  • Young innovation-boards
  • Focus Groups
  • Young Panels
  • Online Meetings with a tailored group of young People
Source: Harvard Business Review

What others say

Harvard Business Review has investigated the game-changing benefits of applying youth to organisation strategy and development through young advisory boards like the ones we at YoungBoards supply. They describe how applying youth ”can help companies with two pressing issues: Millennial workers’ dis-engagement and executive teams’ inability to keep up with changing market conditions. They can help with business model reinvention, cultural transformation, and process redesign. Best practices include not leaving these programs up to HR and not limiting them to previously identified “high potentials.””

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The article also states that “In order for the program to have maximum impact, support needs to come from the top of the organization”. “the shadow board succeeded in part because they focused on their vision and developed their point of view “regardless of all internal and cost constraints.”

Our YoungBoards are an affordable and easy way to apply youth to your organization by constructing, maintaining, and tailoring all our boards to your specific needs and interests. 

At YoungBoards we are dedicated to constructing the best teams possible to be part of our young advisory boards. We have now achieved certification as Certified Practitioners of FirstMind Psychometric Analysis, which are amongst the best in the world. These tests rely on 25 years of research, 42 cognitive studies, 9 behavioural studies and on 1.2 million individuals. It allow us to reach a deeper understanding of team behaviour, and deliver the best teams, fit for every task.

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